An Armed Society, is a Polite Society....

Alternativemediasyndicate: Robber's Famous Last Words: 'I Thought You Couldn't Own A Gun In New Jersey'

A Newark, New Jersey deli owner who shot and killed an armed man will not face charges, police and prosecutors say. Acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray as well as Newark Police Director Eugene Venable say that the owner of the deli had a permit for the gun that he used to defend himself.

Gray State

we have some very terrible news: "David Crowley, the screenwriter and director of an upcoming film about the NWO takeover Gray State is dead.

Startribune: Apple Valley 'apparent murder-suicide' involved two adults, one child

The three people found dead in an Apple Valley home Saturday afternoon included two adults and one child, police said Sunday morning. Officers went to a house in the 1000 block of Ramsdell Drive after a neighbor called about bodies inside. When police arrived, they found three bodies.

Depression an Allergic Reaction... to Inflammation?

Feelguide: New Research Discovers That Depression Is An Allergic Reaction To Inflammation (FEELguide)

New research is revealing that many cases of depression are caused by an allergic reaction to inflammation. Tim de Chant of writes: "Inflammation is our immune system's natural response to injuries, infections, or foreign compounds. When triggered, the body pumps various cells and proteins to the site through the blood stream, including cytokines, a class of proteins that facilitate intercellular communication.

I would love to see some linux developers take up this project... Currently it's only in windoze.

Thefreethoughtproject: BREAKING: U.S. Department of Justice Ends Civil Forfeiture Program For State and Local Police

Washington, D.C. - In what can be described as a perhaps the most important shift in policing in a generation, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced today that the U.S. Department of Justice's "adoption program" which allows state police agencies to use federal law to seize cash, cars and other property without having to prove that...
ESA Rosetta Mission wrote the following post:

Wow! Dedicated activity observations with OSIRIS show amazing detail in #67P’s jets:

Esa: Fine structure in the comet's jets (emily)

In the first OSIRIS image release of 2015, the team provides an unprecedented look at the finer details of 67P/C-G's dust jets. Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko has shown activity in the form of jets for many months now, but the latest image reveals that the large-scale jets seen in previous images can now be resolved into many smaller jets emerging from the surface, which seem to merge together further away from the comet nucleus.

This Is John Galt Speaking

The best part of Atlas Shrug III, was the John Galt speech. Otherwise the movie was fairly lacking....

YouTube: Ep. 1 "This is John Galt speaking" (GaltSpeaking)

Second edition (v 2.0) of an ongoing project to visualize Galt's Speech from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand using images and video from current events. NOTE: The...

#JohnGalt #AtlasShrugged #AynRand

Realfarmacy: 22 Uses For Epsom Salt. Why It Should be in Every Home & Garden

Epsom salts have been used by many different cultures for hundreds of years. They have a number of different beneficial properties and are used in gardening, household cleaning, and detoxifying the body. These salts are very inexpensive and can be purchased at bulk discounts in garden centers nearly everywhere.
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Every Year These Brothers Make a Giant Snow Sculpture on their Front Lawn

TwistedSifter: Every Year These Brothers Make a Giant Snow Sculpture on their Front Lawn (twistedsifter)

For the last four years Austin, Connor and Trevor Bartz have worked together to create a giant snow sculpture on the front lawn of their family's house in New Brighton, Minnesota. This year ...
Atlas Shrugged III, Gag me......
the acting became progressively worse, and the love scene in the middle.......... smh

Navigatingnetflix: Navigating Netflix (

from : Netflix on Tuesday released a satirical video promising "Drone to Home " delivery of DVDs to customers, taking an obvious swipe at Amazon's plan to deliver items to consumers via small octocopters, a.k.a. drones... Barely a minute long, the video purports to show a Netflix warehouse with cute little copters flying off carrying the distinctive red Netflix DVD envelopes.

LOL Netflix takes a knock at Amazon's drone service....
So FB doesn't like my name, and is requesting me to upload my ID.... Like that's going to happen.
Sorry for the down time folks, was running rogue experiments that went awry. Then I had to run off to the local city council.
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LEGO Birds by Tom Poulsom

TwistedSifter: LEGO Birds by Tom Poulsom (twistedsifter)

Nature lover and LEGO enthusiast Tom Poulsom has designed various species of birds using existing LEGO pieces. An arborist by trade, Poulsom has successfully built life-sized versions of a: ...
Finally got an endorsed ssl cert, for this site. What a pain in the butt. At least their won't be silly warnings from the browser any longer.
decided to use Friendica over Red. seems to be better suited to my needs.
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At community meeting in Providence re police abuses...